FALL 2019 

The weather is changing and the first signs of Autumn are in the air. Hope this season finds you busy and productive. We have had a very prolific Summer in Maine and I have enjoyed sharing the progress of some of that work on Instagram. But it’s getting to be that time of year when we know we must pack up and slowly make our annual migration southward. When the temperatures in the outhouse and outdoor shower cause one to quickly scamper in and out.. and the geese passing in a steady stream of V’s start their high flyby’s Southward.. we know too, that our departure is imminent. 

We have had a wonderful past year... completing three film projects, Helga, Things Don’t Stay Fixed and Lobster Dinner .. and honored to win several awards.. SouthArts, The Portrait Society of America Award for Arts Education and AirSerenbe.  

The Bo Bartlett Center is thriving. The SouthArts Exhibition was a huge success. And we highly anticipate the upcoming Wolf Kahn Retrospective Exhibition Opening on October 1st ( The exhibition runs October 1, 2019, through January 13, 2020). The Outreach Programs.. Home is Where the Art Is and Art in Jails continue to serve the community weekly. The Center is a vital part of the artistic, social and spiritual life of Columbus. We are honored to be involved and are grateful to all of the staff and employees at The Center and volunteers to these active programs.. including Rex Whiddon, Jan Miller, Jon Lumpkin, Emily Laskowski, Darius Sudayi, our Summer intern, Robin Reif, Jo Ellen Holbrook who has been running HIWTAI, Isaac Sabelhaus who has moved on to grad school in Atlanta, Cora King and Julianna Wells for their continued hard work which allows all aspects of things to run smoothly. I’d like to thank Wim Roefs for all of his help with the SouthArts show.. and Betsy Eby, Miles, and Avery McEnery and Kristen Miller Zohn for their help organizing and preparing for the upcoming Wolf Kahn Exhibition. Lastly, I’d like to thank all of the donors and Board members from the Bo Bartlett Center for their continued support. We couldn’t do it without you. 

Community involvement, Sketching Under the Skylight and regular Music programs are an active part of the life of the Center and a vital and ongoing part of the evolving creative life in Columbus. Education programming at the Center is evolving. We are in discussions with talented  NYAA grad Julianna Wells to teach regular ongoing Art Classes.. times and dates to be announced. The planned Docent program is currently in training and will be implemented soon as well... So stay tuned for that! 

Speaking of staying tuned... I hope that you’ll tune in to my new radio show ArtHaus Radio on Saturday and Sunday mornings 9-10 am on 88.5 FM WCUG. I play an eclectic mix of music and tell some meandering personal stories. Thanks to Columbus State and Cougar Radio for the opportunity to be on air.. and to engineer and producer extraordinaire Matt Rorer for helping craft the show. Creating and working on the show is a delight.  

All in all, things are good. When the outside world seems hard to bear.. know that a deepening of your creative life is a wellspring and an outlet. Trust the inkling to make something. Follow the desire to do something well. Know that when we work hard and create something beautiful that we are leaving an indelible mark in the world.. a mark which counters the chaos and adds to the wonder and ineffable mystery of nature, and life, and all that is.