Winter 2008
“when you reach the shore, sink the boat.” 
-chinese proverb

Since the Autumn of 2001, I have written a “message” every Winter and Summer Solstice and Fall and Spring Equinox. This is my 24th message. I have weathered family conflict, protests for two ‘wars’, two ‘wars’, world travel, another ‘election’, the aftermath of the tsunami in Thailand, a divorce, and a brain tumor. But, I have also experienced unrivalled joy, six successful solo museum exhibitions, love, remarriage, healthy sons, the birth of a grandchild and another on the way. 
If there is one little glint of wisdom I’ve gained from the past six years, it’s been that things never ever turn out as we expect. No matter how much new age “manifestation” I might want to espouse, the truth is that nothing is decided and anything can happen. This should be obvious, but for some reason I only seem to learn experientially. Now, I know it.
My recent experiences haven't softened my outrage with the present regime in D.C., just the opposite. Despite the administrations assertion that things are better in Iraq. The BBC reports , “A number of key issues are still unresolved, including the re-integration of former members of the Baath party into the government, the allocation of oil revenues and the status of the Kirkuk region.” My hope is that the news out of Iran from the 16 Intelligence agencies will keep Bush from forging ahead toward the threat of another war. But, lately, I have been trying to complain less and balance my outrage with a desire to effect change in a more positive way. 
With the holiday season approaching I’d like to take it upon myself to ask you to please consider making a gift to a charitable organization. There are plenty that are worthy. You may have a personal favorite, be it in the arts or a humanitarian organization. If you would like to give something and are looking for a worthy organization may I recommend WorldVision of Seattle. 
My first encounter with WorldVision was when I was looking for an aid organization to give advice as to how I could help the people effected  by the tsunami in Thailand. WorldVision was willing to talk with me and  make suggestions as well as give me names of contacts in Bangkok. From my experience, WorldVision was there on the ground helping when no other US government organization or US aid organization could be found. 
I trust WorldVision with my donation. If you decide to give, you may choose to make a one time donation to buy an animal which would help a child in a third world country. Or you may choose to sponsor a child directly by making a regular monthly contribution. I have decided to sponsor a child, Emmanuel Batlokoa from Lesotho. He is five and likes to draw. 
Please visit and consider making a donation as a gift in the name of a loved one this Holiday season. 
Thanks, Bo
Vashon Island, WA.

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